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Brianna "Cancer doesn't just affect one person, it affects an entire group of people."

Diagnosed at 15 years old, Brianna refused to let cancer hold her back. Today she lives in NYC pursuing a life as a dancer & world changer. Brianna fought her cancer for her family.

Kim "I had the chance to focus on what's really important to me and how I choose to use my time."

Kim's a 1-month survivor diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She believes in awareness campaigns because they unite people under a common cause. Kim fought her cancer for her daughters, husband, & the work that she does.

kyong "Take it easy, be more gracious, & generous. My daughter has a strong mind, I believe she can do anything."

Now 17 years cancer free, Kyong was diagnosed with lymphatic stage 2 breast cancer. She survived cancer for herself, and has since stood by her daughter Kim during her battle.